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Dynamics GP is a "mission critical" software and data system that must remain functional even in a crisis. Business leaders can now outsource IT to maximize the profits and productivity that Dynamics GP was implemented to create.


Here at CIS, all of our clients' productivity relies on their ability to access their Dynamics GP data reliably. Decision makers and business owners often think that the highest cost of their technology is a new server, workstation or software upgrade. However, the true cost of IT is when it is not working! Small and medium businesses with fewer actual computer users and endpoints often grapple with their IT solution. Should I hire an IT person? Should I sign an outsourced IT or managed service provider contract? The decision can seem quite daunting and have a long lasting impact.

The Nightmare -

Outsource IT for Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP and other ISV software, such as SalesPad, or custom written reports are critical business applications that must be in a constant "real-time" run mode. When Dynamics users can not access their database it can bring an entire business to a grinding halt. Order placing, invoicing, payroll and supply chain efforts stop - which brings profits and productivity to a standstill. This is the nightmare that business leaders face on a second by second basis. Does your IT team have a plan for disaster recovery? Are there backups off-site or in the cloud? Should you even be in the cloud with poor internet access? How fast does it take to implement your recovery steps to a productive state? How much does a full-time IT person cost from an HR standpoint? What is the experience level of your IT person versus an entire Outsource IT team?

The Outsource IT Solution -

Outsource IT for MSP

We always approach our new Dynamics GP implementations with a "big picture" solution. What this means is that we evaluate our customers' network infrastructure and information technology capabilities, including their IT team's ability to maintain a proper system productivity level. CIS feels that business leaders and office managers should know exactly how long it takes to recover after an office flood or fire. Our MSP clients will always have a phone number to call for support - day or night. Owners can rest easy at night knowing that they have access to a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) that will provide quarterly planning and reporting that allows for accurate IT budgeting. Decisions will be made in advance about hardware upgrades and new Dynamics GP updates. Malware and desktop software will be scheduled at the best times and generally automated, so your people can keep on doing what they were hired to do: MAKE MONEY.

CIS offers what many Managed Outsource IT companies can provide; however, no other MSP company can provide the proactive and preventative approach that CIS utilizes. Technology problems are constantly evaluated with our 300+ best practice checkpoints to stop problems before they get a chance to stop productivity. Contact Us now for a technology evaluation to find out if your Dynamics GP or other IT system is prepared for disaster. Custom Information Services is a Microsoft certified partner for Dynamics GP and has helped businesses implement and support technology since 1989.

-- The CIS Team

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