Navigating Contract Management in Key2Act

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If you have just started utilizing Contract Management from Key2Act, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the functionality and location of information.

Because one customer can have multiple different locations, it’s important that you select the correct location where the Maintenance or Inspection will take place.

There are two different ways to access Contract Management through Service manager:

Cards>Service Management>Service Manager>Additional>Contract


WennSoft Service>Cards>Service Manager>Additional>Contract

When you get to the service manager page you can search for the customer through the Account Receivable Record and you can also search for the location. It is possible to have more than one contract per location. You can access the contracts by clicking the ‘additional’ drop-down menu and then ‘contract’.

Key2Act Contract Management


The contract window’s fields that are required are written in red. The other fields are optional. Required fields include the customer number, start date, expiration date, anniversary date, division, billing frequency, bill a customer, and service call day.

Key2Act Contract Management

The coverage window will help you manage when equipment needs to be inspected and maintained. Once you open the coverage window you first need to add equipment, which can be categorized by either Equipment At Location or Equipment Attached to this Contract.

Key2Act Contract Management

When inputting equipment, you will need to give each item an ID and define if it has components, and if so, list those components so you can track the maintenance on each part.

After you have inputted the equipment you can assign tasks and subtasks that are generated into service calls. Based on the codes that you set up in the system, it will automatically schedule service dates, estimate the hours needed to complete the work, technician skill level needed, and notes.

Key2Act contract management


Additional Tips for using Contract Management

  • The system will automatically calculate the billing for you when you input in the Contract Amount, Start and Expiration Date and Billing Frequency.
  • Fields with an asterisk * are customizable, giving you the ability to label fields specifically to fit your needs.
  • You can attach files to each contract, giving users the ability to access original documents.
  • The Billing window gives you access to historical billing, including all invoices, their amounts and posting date
  • All Key2Act products integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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