Microsoft Dynamics GP How-to: Creating a Payables Check Batch Using a Cutoff Date

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Creating a check batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be an easy task, and can be made even easier by entering restrictions when you create the batch.  You must, however, enter the restrictions in a certain order, or you may not get the results you want.

I’ll show you how to create a check batch using a date restriction in Microsoft Dynamics GP in this blog.

Step 1: Navigate to Purchasing > Transactions > Select checks.  The Select Payables Checks window opens:


Step 2:  Enter your batch name by typing it directly into the Batch ID field.  I’m calling mine AP04122017.  Tab off of the Batch ID and a dialogue window will appear, asking if you’d like to add the batch.  Select Add.  The Payables batch Entry Window opens, so you can enter your batch information.  The Checkbook ID is a required field, but you may want to enter other fields in this window for your own recordkeeping, or depending on your security setup:


Step 3:  Click Save and the batch window closes, taking you back to selecting your checks.

NOTE: You MUST enter and save the batch before entering any batch restrictions in the Select Payables Checks window, or your restrictions will be lost and you will not get the anticipated result.

Add Restrictions

You can narrow your check selection down by choosing an option from the Select drop-down menu.  There are numerous options available to choose from:

Vendor ID
Vendor Name
Class ID
Payment Priority
Voucher Number
Document Number
Due Date/Discount Date Cutoff-did with the document date.

Click the Insert button to lock in this selection.  Now, the system will look at due dates, and will pull any document with a due date before 04/19/2017 and any document at all with a discount available.  Here is what my Select Payables Checks window looks like before I build the batch:


Click the Build Batch button to build your check batch.  If you go into your batch to edit the checks (Purchasing > Transactions > Edit Check batch) you will see that it restricted the batch to items due before 04/19/2017.

Want more how-to’s and tips? Visit the Crestwood blog.

Submitted by: Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst at Crestwood Associates LLC, and Illinois Dynamics GP Partner.


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