An Introduction to Key2Act’s Graphical Schedule Board

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The Graphical Schedule Board (GSB) from Key2Act (formerly WennSoft) is a great way to view the schedule of all of your technicians in a single glance. It displays a visual picture of scheduled service, active appointments, and unassigned service appointments.

Understanding the legend

The GSB can be quite colorful so understanding the legend is important in deciphering what those colors really mean. Out of the box, the system is set up to have a Call type as the background color and the Status to be the ribbon color you see on each square. The Data Base Color Codes are used to indicate when the systems are out of sync or when a Technician has been scheduled for more hours than his Labor Plan is set for. The Over Allocation is set to reflect the Tech’s name in red when they are over scheduled. The Change colors allow you to be notified when the Dispatch Board in Signature is out of sync with the GSB.

Key2Act Graphical Schedule Board

Unassigned vs. Unscheduled

Unassigned Appointments: there is no technician assigned and no date and time entered for the appointment. These show up in the left side of the GSB window.

Unscheduled: the technician has been assigned but there is no date or time set for the appointment. These show up when you double-click the number next to the technicians’ name.

Double Booking

You do have the ability to double book technicians if need be. For example, if there are two service calls that take place at the same location or business, it would make sense to book the technician for multiple service calls during the same time slot. On the GSB you’ll be able to recognize double booked technicians because appointment boxes will be stacked on top of one another.

The only way that a technician is able to be double booked is if you have checked the box in the setup window that allows for double booking.

Tech Sort and Filter

You have the ability to sort and filter your data, including the technician list. This is beneficial if you want to access a specific tech or reorder your employees in the system. You sort by tech name, skill level, branch, and team.


Key2Act Graphical Schedule Board Tech Sort and Filter

Creating a Service Call

When a new service call comes in, you choose New Call and enter the customer ID, name, location, and phone number. Once that data is inputted additional fields will become available for you to enter a description of the call, problem type, division, call type, technician, appointment date, time and estimated hours. When the information is entered, the appointment is immediately and automatically placed on the Graphical Schedule Board to correspond with the technician, date, and time entered.

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