Increase Dealer Sales With Dynamics GP

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Dealers, distributors and retailers are constantly under increasing pressure to differentiate their products and services from the competition and the manufacturers that are able to help dealers deliver a higher level of service to shared customers will ultimately win their businesses' loyalty. Sharing information with dealers requires unique processing with centralized data, shared security for all users on top of easy searching and sharing capabilities. Sharing information doesn't have to be a challenge; capitalize on these partnering opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics GP Dealer portal capabilities.

Centralizing the information that both you and your dealers need to keep business running smoothly makes it much easier for them to sell your products. Help make their jobs easier by simplifying the processes for retailers and channel partners to select, configure, price, bid and order your products. By utilizing Dynamics GP's dealer portal capabilities you can provide dealers with a wide variety of profit making options.

  • Provide access to accurate and up-to-date inventory status to boost confidence in your dealers
  • Dynamics GP Portals makes it easy to find the specifics on any product's dimensions, features and options
  • Shorten lead time and increase accuracy on time deliveries
  • Having a central location for current promotions and their supporting marketing materials makes it easy for your dealers to seal the deal!
  • Shorten your lead time with Dynamics GP's increased accuracy for accurate and on time deliveries

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an excellent tool for manufacturers to utilize to help create great relationships with their dealers. Find this article interesting? Click here to read about the 9 other ways that Microsoft Dynamics GP can help increase profits within your manufacturing business. For more information on Dynamics GP contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft Partners

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