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Different Budgeting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Do not settle for a limited budgeting tool when you can energize your Excel spreadsheets with Full Circle Budget, leading to a time efficient and smooth sailing budgeting process. Microsoft Dynamics is a state of the art program with various instruments essential to making your life easier.

The table below gives numerous examples showing exactly how Full Circle Budget can energize your budget process far beyond the capabilities of the Wizard.


Unfortunately, the Excel Budgeting Wizard missed the mark on a number of things a budgeting tool should be able to accomplish. Full Circle Budget was built to overcome these shortcomings allowing for a more streamlined budgeting process. I know what you are thinking. Microsoft should have figured these problems out themselves, but give them a break. They are a software provider and we are a solutions provider.

Full Circle Budget is a critical Excel budgeting tool designed to overcome the pitfalls and frustrations the Wizard could not solve. Full Circle Budget saves your budget data from Excel directly into Dynamics GP, enabling analysis of budgeted information via ANY reporting software (such as Management Reporter, FRx, Jet Reports).

T3 Information Systems developed and supports Full Circle Budget, an affordable and simple budgeting tool for those accountants that still want to budget in Excel.

by T3 Information Systems

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