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Managing businesses with multiple locations can be difficult. In order for a multi-entity business to runmulti-entity-300x300 efficiently, streamlining the Accounts Payable (AP) process is a necessity. For operations to run smoothly, finance professionals must be able to process all invoices and payments from one centralized location that syncs with existing accounting systems and processes.

By working with an AP automation provider that supports multi-entity businesses, the benefits include:

  • One centralized system to manage all transactions
  • Real-time synchronization that ensures information is accurately reflected in your accounting system
  • Automated invoice capture eliminating manual data entry
  • Unlimited document storage for all locations

The problem is that not all solutions seamlessly support multi-entity businesses. Be careful. If you do decide to select a provider that does not support multi-entity businesses, you will:

  • Use multiple systems to log in and manage all your payables
  • Duplicate your work by manually entering information into multiple systems
  • Need to purchase a document management solution to store invoices for all locations

For help selecting an AP solution that works for your business, see how one of our customers, Quickfire Restaurant, boosts payment efficiency by more than 50% across three locations.

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