Warning Signs Your Accounting Software is Hurting your Distribution Business

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15-red-flags CAL cover imageStaying sharp is crucial in the distribution business. Distributors deal with multiple customer channels, supplier punctuality (or lack thereof), ever-changing customer needs and often tight deadlines. The last thing a distribution company needs is something to complicate things more than they already are, especially if that something is your accounting software.

As your company expands, you may find that you have outgrown your accounting software. When you start to see red flags, it is best to look for a reliable ERP system before it becomes a serious problem. The white paper “15 Red Flags: Is Your Accounting Software Hurting Your Business?” offers examples of businesses that found themselves in dire straits due to legacy or inadequate accounting software.

One example given is a boat accessory manufacturer with entry-level accounting software. That system was probably fine when the company was small, but as it grew, its transaction volume increased and the data in the accounting database was pushed well beyond its limits. Consequently, the company began to experience system lag and periodic freezes. The users became frustrated, and the integrity of the company’s data was likely compromised.

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP and its robust, stable SQL database backend, the company no longer experienced any delays or other performance issues. They now have an ERP system that is affordable for small and medium businesses, while powerful and extensible enough for large enterprises.

Keeping your entry accounting software around for too long can be dangerous for your distribution company. Do not wait until your employees and your customers are begging for relief. You can read about more of the warning signs by downloading the white paper here.

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company looking for similar benefits, contact CAL Business Solutions. We can help you evaluate your current systems, business processes, and goals to determine if Dynamics GP is the right fit for you.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com/distribution

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