Three Reports a Distribution Company Put On Auto Pilot with Dynamics GP

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Does your ERP system give you the reports you need? Is it automated?

Often the finance department has access to the information they need, but it has to be exported and compiled manually. This wastes time. And the information is quickly outdated and the report needs to be compiled again.

One of the biggest benefits our Dynamics GP clients mention after using the new accounting software system is how much they love the reporting. Especially the automated reporting.

Anette, a CFO at a manufacturing/distribution company, said, “CAL Business Solutions has been creating reports we need on a regular basis to manage our business. Once the report is created it is on auto pilot. It just makes my life as a manager so much easier than it was without the report.

For example a Sales Discrepancy Report that is run every day. I can see if the sales department has entered in sales where the pricing does not agree with prior approved pricing. In the past I would have had to manually put the report together. Now we get the report automatically and that automation has helped enormously.”

Kerri, the Financial Operations Manager at the same distribution/manufacturing company said, “The nice thing about reporting is that the possibilities are endless, I don’t think most people take advantage of that. We throw everything but the kitchen sink at CAL when it comes to reporting and our account manager is able to give us what we ask for.

One example is a Samples Shipping Report. We send out a significant amount of samples to companies who might want to sell our product. We had so many shipping fees that had to be reallocated at end of the month. We created a report that pulled out all the “ShipTo” information. Now my GL is 2 items and I can do it in 2 minutes.”

CAL also created a Commissions Report within 20 minutes. It saves me at least 3 hours a month, and in my time that is extremely valuable. It was 3 hours and is now 10 minutes.” (Find out more about this commission report).

Do you want to eliminate manual effort and automate the reporting in your ERP/accounting system?

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help. Contact CAL Business Solutions and tell us about your financial reporting needs. 860-485-0910 x4. [email protected]

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