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The business of manufacturing is booming and better than ever with the help of the internet. Businesses are now able to give their customers faster response rates, the ability to support new channels, targeted marketing, etc. all with the simple click of a button. As customers we have come to expect this level of service and as manufacturers it's important to stay competitive in this fast paced market. Updated ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP can work wonders for any business trying to connect with users and stay ahead. Here at Logan Consulting, we feel that ERP should be as straightforward as possible, so we've compiled 10 of our favorite ways that a forward thinking ERP system could transform your manufacturing business.

The Situation: Today's digital world makes connecting with distribution channels more versatile than ever. The online marketplace is growing faster than ever, and it's extremely important for manufacturers to identify and optimize new processes to capitalize on new opportunities within their industry.

The Challenge: The online market can be both a blessing and a curse, but because this technology can sometimes get out dated, we often find that manufacturer's current systems are set up to only manage their current dealer or retail channel. It's very likely that their processes are set up to handle large quantity orders, rather than high volumes of smaller sales and changing the way your system is run can be tricky! Specific and complicated customer interactions and shipping processes are becoming more mainstream, and can be overwhelming for your system. But what do you do to fix it?

The Solution: Use an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP to help get your business ready to support any new channel! Dynamics GP allows users to centralize their customer information to create a much more prompt and responsive customer service. Users can also provide their customers with up-to-date inventory status by connecting their storefront to their back office and when a customer is ready to place an order. Manufacturers also have the capability to automate shipping to accommodate those higher volume and smaller orders with ease.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an excellent tool for those in the manufacturing business because it allows for the versatility you need to keep up with the changing economy.  If you found the following information useful, feel free to download our Manufacturer's White Paper to check out the other 9 ways ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your company adapt to change! Contact Logan Consulting your Chicago Based Microsoft Dynamics partner and ERP specialist for more information on ERP upgrades, consulting, or general inquiries.

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