How to Streamline Purchase Orders Using a Dynamics GP Workflow

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Do you wish you could make the Purchase Order approval and tracing process easier? The Dynamics GP workflow functionality helps to automate this and other common tasks. Setting up a Dynamics GP workflow gives you the ability to approve a document or master record based on certain criteria as set forth by your business model.

How does PO workflow work, you ask? Here’s a simple example, let’s say Company XYZ would like to implement the following rules to govern how purchases are handled:

  1. Purchases over $2,000 requires a signature
  2. Purchases over $10,000 requires 2 signatures

To implement these rules, you would simply go to Tools – Setup – Company – Workflow Maintenance and create your workflow by selecting “New Workflow” while in the correct module on the left, which in this case would be purchasing. Below is a screenshot of what Company XYZ’s Dynamics GP workflow would look like.

Dynamics GP Workflow setup screenshot

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Additionally, you can set up notifications which will alert users that they need to take action. Depending on your Dynamics GP configuration, you will either receive these notifications inside of GP (under workflow tasks) or via email. The screenshot below shows what the notification would look like if PO2079 was created for $5,661 (above threshold 1 but below threshold 2).

Dynamics GP Workflow notification screenshot

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Clicking the link in this Dynamics GP workflow notification takes you directly to the PO that requires approval. From there, you can either approve or reject the Purchase Order, as long as both approvers have access to GP. This can also be done via email if your Dynamics GP system is configured to allow it. See screenshot below.

Dynamics GP Workflow approval screenshot

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By: Chris Butcher, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A SC Microsoft Dynamics partner

1 thought on “How to Streamline Purchase Orders Using a Dynamics GP Workflow”

  1. Is there a way to set up an immediate notification alert or "rules" of some sort whenever a particular vendor is selected in the Purchase Order screen?

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