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“Every month, we issue hundreds of checks, and the resources needed to review, produce, mail, and reconcile those payments is a huge burden - it is also an antiquated, expensive process fraught with risk at evert step." -- Ed Mis, VP of Finance at Apnea Care

The Ed Mis story at Apnea Care is not unique. This scenario plays out every day in the Accounts Payable (AP) departments of hundreds of thousands of US businesses. For these businesses, the basic tasks of processing invoices and making payments are significantly out-of-date, having not yet benefited from advances in technology.

Everyday AP is an arduous process. It involves receiving and manually keying data from paper invoices, chasing approvals through e-mail and phone calls, printing paper checks to pay vendors, manually collating checks with printed invoices and purchase orders, tracking down CFOs for signatures, stuffing envelopes, applying postage, and finally, delivering the resulting stack of payments to the local post office.

With MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay your Accounts Payable process can be streamlined into four easy steps: invoice capture, invoice approvals, payment authorization, and payment execution. By automating the entire AP process, from invoice through payments, businesses can now effortlessly capture, approve, authorize and pay their vendors.

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