Small Businesses With Big Customers Can Experience Huge Complications

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In this digital era, many small businesses are able to keep up with larger competitors by offering high-quality products and services at reasonable prices. Small manufacturers and distributors can also develop strong relationships with big box retailers; however, without the support of modern technology, these relationships can quickly become strained. Entry-level software and manual processes can’t keep up with demand and mass merchants may not be patient for long. Replace inefficient business systems with modern solutions that can support growth and nurture these important relationships.

You don’t need to be a big manufacturer to have top-selling products as Dr. Miracle’s can attest. This leader in the ethnic personal care industry has only 30 employees, yet is ranked as one of the top 10 best sellers at national mass merchants and drug store chains. As noted in Case Study: Dr. Miracle’s, this company may not have experienced such success unless they had replaced their entry-level accounting software with a more modern solution.

Like many other small businesses, Dr. Miracle’s chose QuickBooks to manage the accounting functions, which worked well for a time. However, with growth, users noted slower performance and delays, customer and vendors lists exceeded the item limit, and the reporting wasn’t meeting their needs. Repeated system crashes resulted in lost and delayed customer orders, which frustrated customers and adversely impacted profits. An additional burden was that QuickBooks was unable to integrate with an EDI solution, necessary for working with major retailers like Walmart.

After a thorough review of their business processes, Dr. Miracle’s found that Microsoft Dynamics GP® best aligned with their business needs and goals. In addition to strong accounting features, Microsoft Dynamics GP strengthened inventory management, integrated with EDI technology, and offered powerful business intelligence and reporting features. Dr. Miracle’s has been able to cut costs and boost profits, enjoy stronger EDI functionality and relationships with major retailers, gained the insight needed to cut inventory costs and improve customer service through shorter lead times and fulfillment accuracy.
Small businesses can capture the attention of big customers and streamline operations by replacing entry-level software with stronger solutions.

Contact for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP supported Dr. Miracle’s growth and how this solution can do the same for your manufacturing and distribution business too.


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