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Power BI Quick Tip: Export of Data

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    Power BI might be one of the most useful tools for users who need to visualize and analyze data for business. It has never been easier to create reports by uploading information from multiple sources.

    And now, users have the ability to export the gathered data behind the Power BI online visualizations.

    This enhancement will allow users to view, analyze, study or use the raw numbers of their data offline or in other applications.

    Export of Data from Microsoft Power BI for Offline Use

    1. To export the core data, click on the ellipsis (…) of a visualization and select Export data.Power BI
    2. You will then have the option to Save or Open your CSV file.Power BI Export of Data

    Serious Power BI users will understand the excitement of this new feature. Not only can they quickly and effortlessly gather visual date, they can utilize that raw data however they choose.

    Want to learn more about the simple, yet powerful capabilities of Power BI? Contact BCG Systems and talk with a specialist about your unique business requirements.

    By: Dave Breyley, Senior Developer at BCG Systems, Inc.

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