ERP Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV

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ERP Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV

So you’ve done some research and you’ve heard good things about the various Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. But you’re still confused on the ideal fit of each of the solutions and which one(s) work best for your needs and why. Well this article is designed for you.

First off here’s a high level explanation of Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics AX
Dynamics AX (AX) is Microsoft’s enterprise ERP and MRP solution. AX is a favorite among mid-sized to enterprise companies especially within the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain & retail industries. It offers great support for companies with complex needs such as: multi-country, multi-language, multi-site, multi-currency, etc.

Dynamics NAV
Dynamics NAV (NAV) fits well within the small to mid-sized market (i.e. companies with annual revenues between 10 million – 500 million) but some small enterprise companies use it as well. In comparison to Dynamics GP, NAV offers more flexibility when it comes to out-of-the-box (meaning not needing to customize the system) set-up and configuration. NAV fits the needs of companies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Etc. Like Dynamics AX, it also offers flexibility to accommodate the needs of larger organizations that are doing business in multiple countries.
NAV has a very friendly user interface and it allows users to easily modify the user interface, the report formats, forms, etc.

Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP (GP) is a favorite among companies in North America. It’s known for its strong financial management and it’s a favorite among distribution companies. It offers robust functionality out-of-the-box but it’s not quite as configurable out-of-the box (requires more customization or modification) as NAV. Thus if GP fits the needs of your company then it could be a little less costly and take a little less time to set up than NAV.

The Detailed Comparison Chart includes rankings in these categories: (General Benefits, International Operations, Inter-Company Operations, Reporting/Business Intelligence, Functionality for Distributors, Functionality for Manufacturers, CRM Functionality, Etc).

Please contact Calsoft to request a copy of the Detailed Comparison Chart.

Meanwhile, here’s a sample of the criterion in the Detailed Comparison Chart Between Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics GP           Dynamics NAV         Dynamics AX

Ideal For Company Sized:              (Small to Mid)            (Small to Mid)         (Mid to Enterprise)

Ideal For # Of Employees:                (1 – 500+)                  (1 – 500+)                  (50 – 2,000+)

Implementation Cost:                   ($30K – $500+K)        ($30K – $500+K)     ($100K – $1+ Mil)

Deployment Timeframe:                     (3-6 months)          (4-6 months)             (6-12+ months)

Integration Ease Of Use:                    (4.5 out of 5)            (4.5 out of 5)              (4.5 out of 5)

by CalSoft Systems

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