7 Signs You Hate Your ERP Software

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Many companies use ERP systems, Frustrated with softwareand while it can be great in many aspects, like all things, there are good and bad aspects.  If you're not working with the best system, you may need to think about making a change.  Here are seven signs that you hate your ERP software (and the tools to help you figure out what will actually work best for you and your company):

1. Basic Features are Lacking

If you want to be able to log in and complete basic tasks, you need basic features.  If these necessary features for your day-to-day life at work aren't there, you probably hate your ERP system.

2. Systems Don't Talk to Each Other

This is always a source of frustration. If your company uses two or more systems and they don't talk to each other, you have more work to do than is necessary. A major reason for employing ERP software systems in the first place is to make life easier, not harder.

3. Raw Data Isn't Good Enough

That's tough!  Raw data is exactly what your system should be built upon, so if the raw data isn't good enough to make the system complete, you have a frustrating problem.

4. Software Takes the Blame

Everybody knows that accidents and mistakes happen; they're a part of life.  In the business world, these mistakes are generally caused on behalf of human error.  If you're hearing employees blame your software for inaccurate data or late reports, you've got an opportunity for improvement on your hands.  It doesn't matter if the mistakes are still human error and employees have found ways to blame the system, or if your software is truly not performing as it should be. In either case, you'll probably want to start exploring updated and better options.

5. Manual Fixes are Part of Your Calendar

The whole point of a good ERP system is to help relieve some of the workload from the humans for which it is put into place.  Unfortunately, some leaders and employees are so used to making manual fixes that they've actually got a schedule in place to check and correct errors manually that are known to take place in their companies' ERP systems.  Does this sound familiar?  If so, we're willing to bet that you really hate your system.

6. "Real-Time" Means "Sometime-in-the-Future"

This simple statement may make you cringe because it sounds so familiar.  You may also chuckle with frustration because it resonates so closely with your day to day life at work.

The right ERP software system should provide you with real time data as you need it, and of course, it should reflect real time data.  It seems all too common that business leaders are forced to schedule a time, "sometime in the future" to get data that reflects "right now."  That doesn't make any sense, and it's incredibly inefficient for your business.

You should be able to pull real time reports that can help you see your successes and opportunities as they present themselves.  The longer you have to wait to assess the situation, the more room you're leaving yourself to have to fix things that may have otherwise not even needed attention.

7. Efficiency is on Your Wishlist

Every company and employee has a wishlist, but if your wishlist includes efficiency, you have a problem.
Efficiency should be a built-in benefit of any ERP software system that is put into place.  The whole point behind these systems is to put logistics into place to help you gain efficiency so you can focus your attention on the business.
These are just seven signs that we have listed. Did we miss any?  How many of these signs have been driving you crazy?  Even if it's just one it may be time to upgrade your ERP software system.
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