Using the Company “System Indicator” in Dynamics NAV

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CompanyIndicatorIf you're using NAV 2013 or a newer version and have multiple companies in your database (or multiple databases), you should consider using the System Indicator to easily identify which company you're logged in to.

While on the Role Center page, the company name is shown in multiple places such as the address bar at the top, and in the status bar at the bottom of the NAV window.

However, if you're drilling down or looking at a page that opens up in a new window, you will not be able to identify the company you're currently in. This can be a source of confusion for users working in CompanyIndicator2multiple companies simultaneously (or frequently switching between companies) and for developers looking to test functionality in a multi-database environment. This issue is addressed by the System Indicator functionality.

You can enable and configure the System Indicator functionality from the Company Information page in NAV.


From the System Indicator FastTab on this page, you can determine how you'd like to identify the company and an accent color which will be used to highlight this text.CompanyIndicator3

In the System Indicator field, select from one of the following options:

  • None
  • Custom Text: The System Indicator Text field will become editable, allowing you to enter a value of your choice; the field supports up to 250 characters, but as a matter of practicality, you should consider limiting it to 10-20 characters
  • Company Information: This will use the value in the Name field under the General FastTab of the Company Information page
  • Company: The name of the company as it appears in the Companies page or from the Open Company window
  • Database
  • Company + Database

The last two options are especially helpful if you have two or more databases, such as a live DB, a test DB, and a development DB.

The choice of accent color is defined in the System Indicator Style field. There are ten (10) options to choose from:

  1. Accent1: Red
  2. Accent2: Blue
  3. Accent3: Fluorescent Green
  4. Accent4: Olive Green
  5. Accent5: Purple
  6. Accent6: Black
  7. Accent7: Yellow
  8. Accent8: Green
  9. Accept9: White
  10. Standard: None

Once you've set the values in the System Indicator and System Indicator Style field, you will need to exit and restart the NAV client (or switch to another company and back).

Be sure to repeat the process for each company in the database.

Note: System Indicators are only available with the Windows Client. The Web Client, Tablet app and Phone app do not currently support this functionality.

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