Power BI is one of many great benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

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ERP solutions offer a number of features that allow companies to make the most of the business data in the modern workplace. PC magazine listed the business intelligence benefits organizations were looking for in 2016. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016's Power BI provides these advantages through software that is easy to use and offers the answers every member of a company needs.

In 2016, many more businesses moved to cloud and desired more BI insights through mobile devices. The main goal of many organizations is to give every one of their members the ability to collect and analyze data without having to wait for other people to perform tasks. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 offers Power BI through a convenient web browser so users can see visualized insights on their ERP system's homepage, through smartphones and wherever the information is most convenient.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 provides the same ERP features  users have come to expect from the product, while adding features for intuitive displays and automated performance. Every employee - regardless of technology experience - can turn datasets into graphs, spot information outliers and communicate trends to decision makers.

The TM Group highlighted other advantages provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 on their blog.

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