How to: National Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great tool for any business looking to run their invoice processing more efficiently. The National Accounts Feature is a great way to link multiple customers within a single organization. Watch our latest how-to video for step by step guidance, and look at our transcript below for more details.


My name is Brent Stabler and I'm a consultant with Logan consulting. In today's video I will be showing you how to set up national accounts in Microsoft GP.

National accounts in receivables management of Dynamics GP provides the functionality to link multiple customers that are part of a single organization. Within a national account, multiple child customers are linked to a single parent customer. Once a national account relationship is established, the cash received from the parent customer can be applied to the invoices of any customer on the national account. This results in more efficient processing for clients who require this feature.
To set up this feature click on sales on the left hand side. under the card section, click on national accounts. This will bring up the national accounts maintenance screen. From here you will choose a parent customer and in the table below you choose the child customers. I will select ___ electrical as the parent and ____ suites and Atmoore retirement center as the children. The compounds for each customer will appear, if you want to select several children in a specific range click on select children. You can base the range off the customer ID, name, class ID, or type.
Once you choose your parent and child customers you can choose which options you want to activate and deactivate. You have the option to allow cash receipt entry for children, run credit checks based on the consolidated organization, apply uphold or status that is apparent to all children calculate finance charges based on the consolidated organization default the parent's vendor for children's refund checks.
Select the options you want to save and then click Save; now go to the cash receipts and rear window and then choose a customer that was in the family that you just created. Now as you can see, you can also apply the payment to either the specific customer or to the national account.
If you found this video to be helpful, or are interested in how to better utilize Microsoft Dynamics GP in your business, contact Logan Consulting or check out our other tutorials on our website.
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