Why the Majority of Business Managers Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP When Outgrowing QuickBooks

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The go-to accounting software for small businesses with fewer than five full time employees is typically QuickBooks. It’s well-known and meets basic accounting needs for businesses with simple financial tasks, few transactions and limited users. However, once your business has passed its start-up phase, and you start requiring advanced reports, robust functionality or need additional users, it’s time to start researching a better ERP software package.

Find Accounting Software, an online service that assists companies in comparing accounting software and matching them to software vendors like Stoneridge Software, analyzed over 4,000 companies in the last five years who have purchased a replacement for QuickBooks. Their study revealed that by a large margin, the number one product selected has been Microsoft Dynamics GP.

QuickBooks Replacement Products Microsoft Dynamics GP

As a Microsoft Dynamics GP provider, we’re not surprised when we see results like these. Financial directors and business managers continue to select Microsoft Dynamics GP because of its advanced functionality, scalability and proven return on investment. In fact, Nucleaus Research conducted an independent study that proved 87 percent of Microsoft Dynamics GP customers achieved a positive ROI from their deployment with an average payback of 21 months.

User adoption and satisfaction to new software is vital to achieving positive ROI. That’s where Microsoft Dynamics GP rises above the competition. As a Microsoft product, Dynamics GP offers a familiar user-interface and the ability to integrate with other Microsoft products like Word and Excel seamlessly. Reports can be generated in a matter of seconds and exported directly to Excel. Any changes or manipulations made in Excel can then be reapplied and automatically adjusted in GP.

Unlike QuickBooks, Dynamics GP’s industry-leading advanced functionality allows each user complete control over their finances, distribution, inventory, human resources, payroll and manufacturing. Advanced reports are easy to customize and take seconds to generate and distribute. An Accounting Library 2008 review showed that Microsoft Dynamics GP met 84% of a typical customer’s requirements, while QuickBooks Enterprise 7.0 met only 40%.

As your company grows, GP will grow with you. Even if you start with only three users on the system, you can continue to purchase additional licenses as needed. Licenses include full-users, limited-users and self-serve users.

The customization aspect of GP is nearly endless. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have developed quality programs that integrate with Dynamics GP to add functionality specific to your industry or business. For example, Key2Act has developed one of the best platforms for job costing and mobile service available for the SMB market.

What can you expect when it comes to price? Because Microsoft Dynamics GP is built to adjust to your needs, pricing will vary depending on your number of users, whether you want your software on-premise or in the cloud and how many different features you want your Microsoft partner to install.

GP graph



See Microsoft Dynamics GP in action and take a test drive today. Reach out to Stoneridge Software with any questions or for a more in-depth look at Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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