Easily Subdivide Grants and Allocate Expenses Accurately

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Putting in the time and effort to apply for federal grants is no small task so once you are awarded a grant, you don’t want to jeopardize that funding. Having the right systems in place prior to receiving a grant is vital, especially if you don’t want to have to track and allocate all of your funds manually.


The software engineers behind Microsoft Dynamics GP understand how important grant funding is to your not for profit. They have built-in special functionality for you to handle subdividing grants, allocating time, and easily creating reports. With GP you know that when your grant is audited, you can rest easy thanks to the budget integrity that your software offers.

So what kind of functionality can you expect?

Manual entry reduction. If you have ever spent countless, mind-numbing hours re-entering data from one system into another, you’ll understand the importance of eliminating this tedious task. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, your expenditures will be automatically tracked to specific grants and programs.

Automatic warnings. Never worry about exceeding budgets or risk transactions being allocated outside of grant timelines. GP will send you automatic warnings to make sure you keep your finances in the perimeters of your grant rules and regulations.

Advanced reporting capabilities. Automatic and on-demand reports help you to easily monitor daily expenditures and specific budgetary controls. These reports will help you remain compliant with regulations, which include rules from the Government Accounting Standards Board, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the SOX act of 2002 and other regulatory rulings.

Account control. With Dynamics GP, you can control transactions by General Ledger account, user, project, or by grant start and end dates.

Today is the day to automate your grant management and learn how to easily allocate those expenses. Call Stoneridge Software to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can fit your nonprofit.

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