Different Battle, Different Lightsaber ... Inventory in Dynamics GP

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The Force Flowing through Inventory in Dynamics GPClick to View the Video--the Inventory Management Force!


What is the weapon of choice of the inventory Jedi?

Once you immerse yourself in the functionality of an enterprise software product like Microsoft Dynamics® GP, the process and ways of thinking of this system become second nature.  We may develop a spiritual connection to the way of this software package ... and will allow these processes to inform us, guide us and flow through us. Much the way that an order of spiritual warriors featured in a certain series of blockbuster movies may use an energy field that flows through all living things. So the true Jedi know there is a single Life Force moving through our inventory in Dynamics GP, and we allow that force to move in us, and through us, and direct our actions.

Because PanatrackerGP extends this underlying functionality in Dynamics GP, it can not only give you one version of the truth. But the same Force flows through both systems ... the same thinking and the same processes. This is one more reason that it makes a lot more sense to select a warehouse management system (WMS) that extends Dynamics GP than one that bolts onto the outside, with its own underlying philosophy, process flows and database. If you are not careful, selecting this standalone system can result in a fierce battle between competing cosmic forces, with your inventory and assets hanging in the balance.

Find out more about why it makes sense to select WMS software that extends Dynamics GP with this free Executive Brief from Panatrack.

And enjoy this quick video, where we extend this cinematic metaphor ..

by Panatrack

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