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VIDEO: Government Contractor “Easily” Handles Compliance with Dynamics SL

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NuScale Power is a developer of safe, small, and economical nuclear reactor technology. When they realized their future meant getting into the federal market, they knew their existing accounting system (QuickBooks) was problematic when it came to government compliance. In this video, Controller Julie Adelman explains their top three accounting-system anxieties and how Microsoft Dynamics SL easily solved them.

Two of those concerns are common challenges that government contractors face. One, segregating direct and indirect costs associated with a contract and two, knowing unallowable expenses and proving they aren't being charged to a contract. Microsoft Dynamics SL has the capability of handling the compliance requirements of the DCAA, including the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), right out of the box with no need for costly customizations.

Learn how Dynamics SL solved these issues for NuScale Power:

How to Eliminate Government Compliance Accounting-system Anxieties

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