Staying Competitive in Distribution with Dynamics NAV Mobile Technology

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Distribution Software can give you a competitive edge by using the Mobile Sales Functionality in NAV.  New for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is the ability to gain access to the NAV system from a mobile device that you prefer along with robust functionality which can help your company stay competitive and service your accounts better.

Wholesale Distribution reps are always on the run and need to make the most of each customer’s site visit as well have as much information about their account available.  Sales Reps connected to NAV’s Distribution System can become more efficient through the ability of connecting to their Microsoft Dynamics NAV Distribution System.  While connected information accessed to outside field sales reps give them the power to retrieve customer order information, view previous orders, see what levels of inventory are in stock and place orders immediately.

In addition, Mobile ERP Sales functionality can allow for more customer time and less office time. While out on location, they can have a better knowledge of their customers purchase history and offer wider product sales.

ERP Technology in NAV’s Mobile Sales can help your field reps:

Close the sale on the spot:

With NAV Mobile Technology, your salespeople will be able to close the deal directly with the customer, on the spot.  Mobile NAV also has the ability to add a signature on the order, the customer will get an order confirmation sent by email with their signature, and the order goes straight to pick/billing in the NAV system.

Capture signatures and close out visits:

The user has the option either to select or skip the signature pad when completing the order.

Have Back-End Integration:

When the order has been completed via mobile device, it is communicated and posted into Microsoft Dynamics NAV so that both system are updated in “real time” so that you know exactly how much inventory available and where a customer’s order stands.

Have Information at your fingertips:

Mobile NAV Sales can retrieve all required data as often as is desired.  Customers typically want history on their accounts, previous orders and outstanding amounts-you can be well prepared before you enter your customers’ location.

Process Orders Easily:

The user just selects a customer and their appropriate information is displayed including historical information such as open orders, last orders and ledger entries.

View Shipping and Delivery Address Information:

Once the order lines have been completed, the user can enter the requested shipment date and the address.

Choice the device they want:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016’s mobile app is now available in either PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone (including Android and Apple Apps)

Give your outside field reps the power of mobile distribution information on their customers to become more effective and service their accounts better.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner in Pennsylvania


by iCepts Technology Group

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