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It’s a Security Driven World; Dynamics NAV Users Just Live in It.

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For Dynamics NAV users, security and controls aren’t easy. It would be nice to not have to bother with security and controls at all. If only you didn’t have to worry about mitigating fraud, ensuring management decisions are based on accurate information, achieving process efficiencies, streamlining teaching, eliminating errors, increasing management confidence, and helping your company stay in compliance. Don’t forget about audits. If you didn’t have to worry about all of those things you might actually be able to get some work done.

At Fastpath we’re all about security, audit and compliance. When we talk about security, we are talking about the features around application permission, things like passwords and user access. With controls we’re more focused on processes often external to the application. Positive pay, for example, is an external control designed to prevent the payment of altered or fraudulent checks. We’ve got a deeper dive into security, controls, and why they matter on the Fastpath blog. Follow the link for more details.

Ultimately, security and controls all come back to risk. If there was no risk of fraud, we wouldn’t worry about mitigating it. While most companies face some common risks, each company has a unique risk profile based on the nature of their business. For example, a digital information company worries less about the theft of physical assets than a packaged goods firm.

The starting point for risk management is to evaluate business processes and identify risks with an emphasis on high risk access points. While there may be a risk that aliens will steal your sensitive business data via mind probes, that risk is significantly less than the risk that an employee will walk off with petty cash. (Note: there is no evidence that tinfoil hats mitigate against alien mind probes.) Once risks have been identified and classified, they should be mapped to system security and controls to determine gaps requiring additional mitigation. The key to managing risk is not eliminating all risk but building a reasonably security framework with multiple levels designed to reduce risk.

Managing risk in Dynamics NAV isn’t just about setting up security and walking away. Maintaining a proper security environment includes reasonable monitoring with tools like the native Change Log or Fastpath's Audit Trail, effective segregation of duties and proper controls at the database level as well as the application level.

We go deeper  into security, risk and control via the links. It is our goal here at Fastpath to create solutions that improve audit efficiency and effectiveness in a vast number of business environments. We strive not only to provide the most advanced, user friendly auditing tools on the market, but to also provide top notch customer support along any and all processes. If your company is ready to achieve the level of security auditors hope for, feel free to Contact our team today and learn how our tools can help your company achieve and maintain a proper level of security.

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