How to Develop and Train Your ERP Team

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Have you found it challenging to find candidates with qualified experience in your company’s ERP system, while also facing the challenge of keeping your internal resources up to date? If so, it may be time to refresh the acquisition and retention strategies that you use for talent development. In this three part blog series, we will uncover the strategies that need to be refreshed and/or redesigned within your current business processes.

Part 1 : Talent Development and Training

Having talented internal expertise is essential when it comes to ensuring that your organization has the resources it needs. Business leaders must learn the ins and outs of their ERP systems in order to fully support their business operations. As you take a look at your development strategies remember:

Start with the end in mind: Form clear goals, right from the beginning. Two tiers of goals must be implemented, general training goals and goals for the everyday user. General training goals could involve establishing basic knowledge about your ERP system, while every day goals could include goals set for each individual user.

Develop a training matrix: Create a training matrix so you have a set picture of ERP training required for each particular job function.

Develop a training calendar: Develop a training calendar for a written guideline of who needs to be trained, what they will be trained on and how long it will take. Review this calendar as time progresses.

Feedback and Refinement: Measure skill before and after your ERP training. This will allow you to see what was learned and what still needs to be tuned or refined in future sessions.Stay tuned for part 2 of our series. For more information, contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP partners.

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