How to Date Your Document Management Solution

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You would never look at another person and say, “I’m going to commit my time, effort, and devotion to them” without first talking with them, spending time with them and getting to know them first, right?

In order to find out if another human is compatible with you, you have to learn their likes and dislikes, their habits, their hobbies and how they treat their mother. Choosing a significant other and discovering if they are well-suited for you takes a while, and so does choosing a document management solution.

How can you make sure that your document management solution is right for you? Date it!

Play the field: You may not know which document management system is “the one” until you’ve spent some time with a variety of vendors. Keep in mind that the first solution that you research and look at may not be the right one for your organization, and that it’s ok for the selection process to take some time. Remember: There are plenty of document management solutions in the sea!

Spend some quality time together: Once you’ve selected a document management solution that you think is a keeper, it’s important that you spend as much time together as possible. This will allow you to learn everything you can about the solution and become familiar with its functionality. The more you know about it, the more efficient of a tool it will become for you and your organization.

Make sure it gets along with your friends and family: Would you commit to a person without ever introducing them to your friends and family? Hopefully not, and we don’t recommend that you do that with your document management system, either! We don’t mean that your mom needs to meet your new solution – we’re talking about your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and other add-on solutions and applications. Your new document management system should integrate seamlessly and talk with the applications you already have in place. In addition, make sure that the rest of your team is onboard with your selection and that it will maximize efficiency within your department.

Try a variety of new activities: When you’ve started the implementation process, it’s recommended that you try an array of different functions with it. You do more than process invoices, so make sure that your document management solution can handle and make more efficient all of the processes that you need it to manage.

Commit to a strong relationship: Once you’ve decided on a document management solution, it’s important that you commit to keeping it up-to-date. This means keeping up with new versions and software upgrades, making sure that your own operating system is current and that you are on a support plan just in case something goes wrong and the two of you (your document management system and yourself) have a bit of a falling-out in the future.

Selecting a document management system is a big decision and takes patience, time and commitment – just like dating! Are you ready to find your document management solution partner?

by MetaViewer Paperless ERP for Microsoft Dynamics

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