World Paper Free Day 2015

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Pledge_badge1Have you taken the pledge to go paper free?

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) is on a mission to get companies to cut back on or eliminate their paper usage on November 6.


According to the Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP), the average office worker goes through about 45 sheets of paper every day. More than half of the paper is considered waste. In research conducted by AIIM, it was found that 31 percent of business executives say that their office is filled with paper documents.


We often hear of the environmental repercussions caused by paper usage, so AIIM has taken it upon themselves to establish World Paper Free Day, and we encourage anyone and everyone to participate, both in the office and at home.


Here are some ways that you can go paper free on November 6:

At home

  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Use glass or ceramic dishware rather than paper plates
  • How much toilet paper do you really need?
  • When cleaning, use a wash rag instead of paper toweling
  • When at the checkout, ask the cashier to email you a receipt (if given that option)
  • Scan your paper recipes into your computer, and save future recipes that you get from websites to a desktop folder instead of printing them
  • Download a to-do or grocery list app on your smartphone instead of making lists and notes on sticky notes and pads of paper

At the office

  • Implement workflow automation software like a document management or document imaging solution
  • Save and scan documents electronically instead of printing and filing
  • Utilize public shared folders to exchange information with colleagues rather than passing papers
  • Recycle old, unnecessary documents
  • Use programs like Evernote to take notes during meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Subscribe to the virtual editions of scholarly editorials, like magazines and journals
  • Implement a financial system like Microsoft Dynamics


So, will you take the pledge and go paper free on November 6? Join MetaViewer and get involved!

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