Our Top Four Favorite Features in SmartList for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Do not overlook the SmartList feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP. SmartList is one of the easiest and most popular reporting tools offered in GP, allowing you to gain instant access to data in the form of reports and queries. That information can then be easily exported to Excel, manipulated and then imported back into GP.

Our top four favorite features of SmartLists:

  1. Homepage customization

The home page can be customized for each user and each roll, showing the information that is important to each person.

  1. The toolbar is customizable too!

We love customization because it makes software more user-friendly. In SmartLists, you can add icons to your toolbar for instant access to the information you’re searching for.

  1. Task lists & reminders

Keep track of everything on your to-do list through the customizable task lists in SmartLists. The list is added to your homepage and can include recurring tasks or one-time-only occurrences. Just like in Outlook, you can also add reminders to make sure that you stay on top of all of your activities and accounts. For example, you can get reminders when invoices are overdue, payables are due, items are due for a stock count, or add custom reminders.

  1. Formatting subtotals to automatically copy forward

SmartLists in GP allows you to format your subtotals to copy forward automatically without you having to do anything manually. We love this feature because it does what all software should do: make your job easier.

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