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Project-based manufacturers experience a variety of challenges, including integration between various operations, efficient project planning and resource utilization, effective cost tracking, managing budgets for different projects, and effective document and report management. In today’s global marketplace, you likely heavily depend on technology for inventory management, resource utilization, production scheduling, and more. According to Aberdeen Research, top performing manufacturers are 2.2 times as likely to implement an ERP package that contains the functionality that was previously provided by multiple, disparate systems in one package. Amongst the various enterprise software that’s available in the market, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP has the ability to manage the evolving needs of complex, project-driven companies and helps improve and optimize business processes. It replaces highly disparate systems that are at the crux of most project-driven companies and offers a unified platform that integrates various departments and platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP enables you to address global challenges and improve creation of value. Integration with external, third-party tools supports timely, data-driven decision making. Below are some of the key benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX brings to the table for you:

  • Real-time Visibility into Project Performance: With end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to streamline business processes, optimize resources, reduce lead times, and identify accurate delivery dates. Employees across departments can access information in real time, significantly reducing the effort required for critical purchasing, sales, and production decisions.
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling: Gain control over every aspect of production with accurate resource planning and scheduling. Quickly view processes to identify work utilization, and allocate resources according to requirements and scheduled activities to minimize delays. You’ll also be able to capitalize on new opportunities, and respond more effectively to changing conditions.
  • Time and Expense Management: View real-time, integrated work-in-progress activities with actual costs and timelines. Utilize time management tools to capture work and non-work related activities while tracking data for payroll and project-related expenditure. You can also make adjustments to avoid potential delays and cost overruns, and streamline inventory management based on demand and forecasting.
  • Efficient Project Cost Control: With Microsoft Dynamics AX, define manufacturing resources, including machines, people, and tools, and allocate them to distinct work center groups. With tightly controlled costs for each work center group, you are in a better position to achieve economies of scale.
  • Integration with Other Operations: Share real-time information about product status, inventory specifications, order position, and quality control among key departments more efficiently. By integrating inventory, production, and critical quality control data, you’ll have the capabilities to make better procurement, sales, and production decisions.
  • Enhance Process Efficiencies: With specialized role centers, you can organize relevant tasks, information, and tools in a personalized manner so people can manage their work effortlessly. Gain useful business insights using analytics, including detailed reports for lead time, defect ratio, capacity utilization, and planned versus actual consumption.
  • Real-time Tracing of Items: Track inventory levels and plan better delivery routing with increased flexibility and control. You can also control inventory with real-time insight into production schedules, capacity management, shop floor activities, and production costs. Real time tracing provides insights to minimize inventory levels, meet customer requirements, and offer reliable promises for delivery. Additionally, you have the capabilities to define multiple inventory dimensions and track order status using real-time updates on purchasing, production, and capacity requirements.
  • Effective Document Management: Identify and gather data from documents, reports, and other sources for collaboration and analytical purposes. With a single repository for all content and documentation related to business processes, effectively access documents and support effective knowledge management.

Gain Competitive Advantage

With Dynamics AX for business process manufacturing, you can achieve integrated functionality to plan and control purchasing, production and distribution, manage invoicing and accounting, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Support a wide range of different production processes and seamlessly integrate them to respond rapidly to changing customer demands.  With the right system in place, you can improve operations, achieve better visibility into supply chains, and gain a competitive advantage.

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