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E-Procurement for Services Companies

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If the thought of moving your services company to an e-procurement process has you second-guessing the decision, you certainly wouldn’t be the first to feel this way. A few of the main concerns you can expect to arise revolve around privacy and security and the up-time it takes staff to learn and implement these new business processes. “Is it too complicated? Is this really worth it?” are often questions you’ll be sure to hear along the way.

One of the most obvious consequences of an outdated procurement process is losing money, something to which any organization can relate. Redundant purchases, a lack of quality control, and high cost of shipping and transportation are other lingering problems that are sure to cause issues as well. Poor processes and products adversely affect your company’s ability to deliver service at the highest level, and all that leads to the kind of financial trouble that can worry your leadership and executives.

Cue the music. You’ve most definitely heard about why automating your processes electronically is the model of the future, but have you considered these benefits of moving to an e-procurement process?

  • Reduced cost
  • Standardized Buying
  • Paper Elimination

When you consider reducing errors, costs, and paperwork, your change to e-procurement might just have your employees – and customers alike – thanking you!

Contact BroadPoint today to determine how you can streamline your current procurement processes to ensure your company delivers service of the highest order. Don’t hesitate.

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