Dynamics GP On-Premise – It May Make More Sense than Online

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Companies looking to use Microsoft Dynamics GP are increasingly interested in using a hosted or online version of the software. This certainly makes sense, seeing as cloud based solution are growing in popularity, and many companies are using other cloud based Microsoft products like Office 365 and Microsoft CRM Online. Not to mention, having automatic updates and backups for Dynamics GP can offer a tremendous upside. But while the advantages certainly make it worth the time to evaluate going in the cloud for GP, you may well find that on-premise is a better way to go.

For starters – most companies today are going to do some sort of customization and integration with their ERP solution. Depending on the circumstances, that may involve writing scripts that you are not going to be able place in a cloud based server.

Another issue is restoring you data to a given date. Having your Dynamics GP data in the cloud means backs up happen automatically, and that is a great asset. But what happens if you accidently delete your data, or for some other reason have to reset your data? That may not be so easy to accomplish with an online version.

Another factor to consider is cultural. While many companies are fine with having CRM and other solutions in the cloud – some company stakeholders and owners may not feel the same way about financial data. There also can be concerns about audits and regulatory issues if your data is stored offline.

A final issue to consider is performance. While the hosting providers themselves for Dynamics GP can certainly give you the data quickly, you still are at the mercy of your internal internet connection. If it is slow, performance may suffer.

The bottom line is that Dynamics GP gives you the flexibility to choose the implementation model that is right for you.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania


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