The Most Crucial Step In ERP Implementation

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business woman with stairAs CFO, part of your job includes evaluating and advising on the impact of long range planning, along with introduction of new programs and strategies to ensure credibility of the Finance group by providing: timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends, and forecasts. One of the best ways to ensure credibility of budgets, financial trends, and forecasts is to implement an ERP system.

When you're choosing an ERP solution, it's also important to consider the solution provider in order to ensure a successful ERP implementation. By working closely with an experienced ERP vendor, you’ll have all the support you need during and after system implementation. When unexpected errors occur or misunderstandings arise, having an expert by your side is critical. Stability, market presence in region, past successes, expertise, adaptability, and innovation are important considerations to ponder when selecting your vendor.

Vendor Selection Criteria

Choose your vendor carefully; this decision is important as the ERP partner is responsible for delivering your vision of better processes, analytics, and collaboration tools. Does the partner follow a defined implementation methodology? Does the partner have an approach that is compatible with your company culture and personality? Does the partner have the technical expertise the project requires? For any ERP implementation, it is the collaboration between your project team and the ERP Partner that determines the ultimate success or failure of the project.  There are distinct differences in ERP systems. This is also true of solution providers. Clients First is dedicated to providing solutions that brings value to our customers.

Clients First’s customer base is diverse within the manufacturing and MRO industries as these industries are complex.  Because of the built in flexibility of our solutions, we’ve been able to engage a wide range of companies both large and small.  From aircraft maintenance to turbine repair, from restaurant supply to food processing and distribution, from gaskets to holsters, to plastics to metal fabrication, we’ve implemented hundreds of systems and solved countless business process challenges.  After many years, with all of this accumulated experience it just becomes intuitive over time.  It’s what we do every day and the advantage to you is that we can bring this wide breadth of knowledge to your planning table with your best interest in mind.

Clients First’s technical prowess is second to none within the business consulting industry.  We have often been tapped to tackle some of the most challenging integration and development projects, in some cases after a previous solution provider was unable to deliver a viable solution.  Crossing the finish line is always the objective, while doing so in the most efficient and straightforward manner possible.

Clients First is rated in the top 1% of VARS, find testimonials below that demonstrate our past successes, expertise, adaptability, and innovation.  Almost everyone claims to be the best, so the only opinion that really matters is of the ones who know you and know what you’re capable of. Clients First has enjoyed exceptionally strong customer loyalty over the past twenty years, with some of the most enthusiastic references you‘ll find anywhere.  Most if not all of the references are still utilizing the same software product we originally implemented for them, with improvements and upgrades made along the way.

Past Successes:

Pet Food Production & Distribution:  Merrick Pet Foods CFO, Sam Spradlin, discussing his business and their growth over the years, and their decision to implement Dynamics AX.


Railroad Industry: Senior VP & Assistant CFO of RCL Services Group, Damon Clovis, discussing his business and their growth over the years, their decision to implement Dynamics NAV and the on-going relationship he maintains to this day with the Clients First – Texas team.

Adaptability and Innovation:

Aviation MRO & Parts Supplier: RAM Aircraft President and CEO, Brian Adamik in Waco, Texas discussing the innovation used to implement AX in the link below;

We understand the subtle nuances and elusive intricacies involved in either manufacturing or delivering a superior product to an ultimately satisfied customer. We also understand the challenges of then servicing that customer to keep them coming back the next time they have a need.  As business technology is a moving target, we have made it our business to offer the best software solutions available, while understanding how to apply them in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

From producers to distributors to providers of professional services, we’ve tackled some of the most challenging software implementation projects imaginable, while managing to keep our customers happy, satisfied and willing to say nice things about us when we’re not around.  Our goal is the get your customers to do the same thing for you.

To find out more about the unique combination of services offered by our team and Microsoft Dynamics, call our demo team at 800.331.8382 or email [email protected].  Clients First Texas, a Dynamics Gold Certified Partner specializing in AX and NAV.  We are located in Dallas Fort Worth with 6 other locations nationwide.




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