Companies Turn to Microsoft Dynamics GP for e-Commerce Solutions

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Properly implemented ERP solutions streamline business data into a single source. Company software users collect the information they produce during sales, manufacturing, warehousing and delivery operations to provide every member of the organization with the intel they need to make decisions and share relevant details with customers.

As more modern businesses open their services to online shoppers, they need to include e-Commerce details in order fulfillment procedures. Every product manufactured, packaged and shipped by a business requires oversight from an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP to ensure accurate delivery and speedy processes.

Growing e-Commerce audience
Shopping these days usually involves pulling out a laptop or mobile device. Even when a customer visits a physical store or company headquarters, he or she will probably use a phone on the sales floor to compare prices and check product details.

Search Engine Watch shared the results of a Telemetric and xAd survey that found 60 percent of consumers who contemplate a purchase exclusively use mobile devices to make their decision. Eighty-five percent of respondents saw desktops, laptops and mobile devices as the most important source of business information.

Modern consumers also expect to make purchases on their computing tools. Shoppers want a simple solution to compare the offers of all local companies and global competitors. Econsultancy shared some examples of major brands incorporating new online purchase options into regular operations. Amazon provides consumers with a tool to automatically make orders by scanning items at home. IKEA allows online shoppers to take pictures of their homes and digitally place images of the furniture in the space to debate purchases.

Businesses that don't offer their goods or services online miss out on a huge market that grows bigger every day.

The challenge of online shoppers
To cater to online shoppers, a business needs quick information procedures. An ERP system needs to collect the details of each individual order and make relevant details visible to manufacturing workers, warehouse employees and any other company member that deals with products. said e-Commerce shoppers expect a personalized experience. A company online buying platform needs to offer opportunities for specified order configurations. Some businesses may provide the ability to create merchandise or shipping schedules to meet precise criteria.

Employees on the production line need to access the information from online orders to ensure the product is what the customer wants. ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP offers mobile capability, so workers can get e-Commerce details on the shop floor where information is crucial. Building products to exact specifications improves customer satisfaction and decreases wasted time and resources.

Warehouse workers need to report actions in the central system, so managers can see where each product is at it moves throughout the supply chain. Mobile technology makes it easy to log the detail of each inventory touch point. Customer service representatives who have order visibility can give clients precise answers when they inquire about purchases.

Having real-time information from daily inventory operations allows any business representative or online resource to provide the consumers with accurate delivery schedule projections. When customers shop for a business online, digital materials built on ERP data collections give them the up-to-date information they demand.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP difference
e-Commerce data has to work in conjunction with orders coming in from other sources. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates online and physical business processes into a central source of information. Businesses can manage, prioritize and plan all orders using insight into what each unique customer demands. recommended using Microsoft Dynamics GP in tandem with a middleware product to automate e-Commerce integration into daily practices. The two most popular solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP for e-commerce are eOne's Smart Connect and Scribe. These work great if you have an existing e-commerce website you'd like to integrate to Microsoft Dynamics. Another option is to purchase an e-commerce solution which already works with Microsoft Dynamics GP such as k e-Commerce.

When companies collect all relevant data into central ERP services, they gain the ability to instantly identify errors, perform validation checks at multiple checkpoints, allocate resources away from data entry busy work and increase customer satisfaction. A history of e-Commerce details will help managers spot trends to determine how online shoppers differ from other customers, so companies can create projections of their needs.

Businesses may want to adopt additional features like barcode scanning into a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Additional data collection tools that simplify reporting and tracking improve daily performance by giving employees the tools they need to succeed. e-Commerce moves very quickly and businesses want to find an ERP consultant that can help them find solutions to new challenges.

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