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Launched on July 24, 2015, Power BI 2.0 is a major upgrade to the initial version of Power BI, promising enhanced functionality and new opportunities for growth. After checking the new features included in the upgrade, we drew one preliminary conclusion: Power BI 2.0 delivers amazing innovation on some fronts along with surprising software evolution models on the others.

Business Intelligence in the Palm of Your Hand

With more than half a million new users signing up for Power BI 2.0 during the six-month preview period, not only has Microsoft  spread the word about its next-generation BI solution but also set new, higher standards for BI functionality.

Besides delivering a new, more exciting desktop, web authoring and data exploration enhancements, advanced data connectivity features, Excel support improvements, and new mobile apps for Microsoft, iOS, and Android devices, Power BI 2.0 can help your organization achieve greater competitive advantage over its business rivals by simply allowing your staff to turn Big Data into insights, and insights into actions.

Making available unique capabilities in the industry, Power BI 2.0 sets Dynamics BI, Business Intelligence, Dynamics apart from similar solutions, empowering users to transform business information into strategic decisions. Here are the business analytics features Dynamics BI, Business Intelligence, and Dynamics users will benefit from:White Paper cover for AX& and cloud

  • A new AX7 dashboard enhanced with real-time functionality – Dynamics AX 7's dashboard has been redesigned to allow business professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of daily operations. With the new dashboard, you’ll be able to:
    • access work-related activities, new visuals (e.g. TreeMap, Funnel, Combo Chart, Area Map, Area Chart, etc.), custom visuals developed through open-source Power BI Visualization Stack, and real-time updates to monitor data sources;
    • perform deep analysis based on historical and current data;
    • enter, edit, save, and share real-time information with other users;
    • collaborate with co-workers side-by-side on a double screen. In addition, an enhanced browser-based interface will replace the current Windows Client to provide advanced Dynamics AX capabilities in a whole new “work space,” which will promote remote access through native touch-optimized mobile apps across Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. New out-of-the-box dashboards will also be available for a wide variety of services, such as Acumatica, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, MailChimp, QuickBooks Online, etc.
  • New capabilities for storing business data  Though Dynamics AX 7 will be deployed exclusively to the Azure platform first, an on-premise version will be made available after six months. Therefore, you can continue to keep your data on premise, without the risk of missing out on the advanced Dynamics BI, Business Intelligence, Dyn capabilities. Power BI 2.0 has been developed with the ability to pull data to itself from any database, including from on-premise IT infrastructures, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, etc.


  • Next-generation user framework – A new context-sensitive framework has been especially developed for Dynamics BI, Business Intelligence, Dyn based on the HTML5 technology to improve the interoperability between Dynamics AX and other Microsoft products (e.g. Office 365, Visual Studio, SharePoint, and Yammer), iOS, and Android applications.

The greatest thing about Power BI 2.0? Not only it gives you access to a wide variety of business information; it also allows to you analyze and transform data into rich visuals that you can organize and manage the way you want in order to focus on what matters most to your organization.

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