The Path to Success with ERP Software

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path to erp success

Choosing and implementing ERP Software can seem overwhelming and stressful. We've boiled down the path to ERP Software success to a few steps that will simplify the way you look at the ERP software selection process.

  1. Ask colleagues what ERP software they use and why they like and dislike it. Gaining that valuable insight will help start your journey.
  2. Search the Internet for additional information on software packages and their features.
  3. Find a software expert to partner with. Sometimes this expert may not be in your local area but the Internet has allowed partners to work with companies across the U.S. and country with no hiccups. Consider partners who have experience with companies in your industry and best fit your needs. Read reviews on the company and head to the BBB to see their rating.
  4. View a software demonstration that's personalized for you and will illustrate the software functionality in its full capacity. Several demos may be needed in order to see all of the aspects you'll be using.
  5. Share information about the ERP software with your employees to gain insight into their needs and thoughts. The more you have end-users involved in the process, the easier it will be for them to accept the change.
  6. Work with your software partner to set an implementation timeline that gives you plenty of time for testing and training.
  7. After your training and testing period, go live with your new ERP software!
  8. Watch your employees adapt and succeed. Make sure your software partner is available for questions and support when questions may arise.
  9. Increase your profits through labor savings and streamlined processes.

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