Oldie, Turned New Goodie: Smartlist Designer

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Some of you may already know about Smartlist Designer. For those who don’t, this is an exciting tool that we can’t wait to share with you!


Smartlist Designer was first introduced to us as a FREE tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (SP2+). At the time, we would have liked to see additional features BUT Smartlist Designer could do some really nice things quickly that standard GP Smartlist couldn’t do!


In March 2015 at Microsoft Convergence, Microsoft announced a new and improved Smartlist Designer in Microsoft Dynamics 2015. These great new features help streamline the reporting process and allows users to quickly, easily and accurately pull the exact information they need for their particular role.


Some of the great new features in the Dynamics GP 2015 release include:

  • Create and modify existing Smartlists
  • Allow users to use both tables and views as a data source when creating or modifying existing SmartLists
  • Flexibility to create refreshable excel reports
  • SmartList Designer View Workflow Type allows a user to send a new or updated Smartlist through a Workflow for approval before others have access to it. Once the Smartlist is approved by the appropriate person, the Smartlist is now available to others
  • View your exported data excel file on your smartphone or tablet
  • Allow users to create SQL views from SmartList Designer
  • Smartlist Favorites Default Settings allows the system administrators to redefine the default selection for new Smartlist favorites by Company, User Class or User ID. By selecting User ID, only the creator can view his or her favorite list.


For those on GP 2013 (SP2+)……whether you’re waiting for GP 2016 or you just haven’t moved to GP 2015 yet, we’ve got 3 tips for you! Check out pages 18-19 of the Spring 2014 GPUG Magazine to view these tips; Tip#1 Create your Smarlist in the Correct Series, Tip#2 User SmartList Designer to Show 1099 Box and Tip#3 When using multiple tables, limit the “join” statement.


Try out Smartlist Designer Yourself!

You can access Smartlist by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Smartlist > select the “New” Button in the left hand corner of Smartlist – and practice modifying it for your needs! **just be sure you are using GP 2013 SP #2 or higher


We hope this helps make your life a little easier!  CONTACT US with any questions.

by Collins Computing

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