Lessons To Learn from ERP Software Implementation Failures-eBook

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“While it is true that (ERP) implementations can go wrong, it’s also true that failure can often be avoided if company leaders simply learn from others’ mistakes.”

This is a quote from a new eBook from Software Advice: “How to Avoid ERP Implementation Failure: Success Stories and Key Considerations”.

The author, Forrest Burnson, a Market Research Associate at Software Advice, examined 22 high profile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation projects from the last decade that were publicized as “failures”. According to Forrest this required extensive research, digging through court dockets, old news articles, blog posts, press releases and so on.

The result of this research is an easy to read eBook with entertaining stories, expert quotes and, based on the findings, four best-practice suggestions that will help you avoid becoming one of the next ERP failure stories.

Most Common Reasons for ERP Implementation Failures

One point that really stood out for me was that ERP implementations rarely fail because of the software itself. In fact, only 18% of failures are due to “buggy software”. The chart on page four titled “Most Common Reasons for ERP Implementation Failures” lists seven other reasons that are far more likely.

According to Burnson, “I think this is probably pretty surprising for most buyers—there is a tendency to assume that software implementation failures occur due to the software, when really the failures tend to occur due to human action. The common trend I saw was simply upper management and decision makers not fully understanding the scope of an implementation project and the resources and time it takes to complete.

Best Practices for Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure

One of the points under “Best Practices for Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure” gives this advice to ERP software buyers:“In addition to demoing potential new systems, decision-makers should seek outside third party advice from current users and/or from consultants”.

Burnson suggest that buyers, “start within your professional network and reach out to people you know within your industry. Read online reviews of both platforms and consultants, or ask potential consultants for client references. There's no one way—just do what you would do if you were making a similarly big purchase of a car or a house. Do your research and don't make decisions in a vacuum.”

This eBook analyzes the causes of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation failure and how companies can successfully avoid the potential pitfalls.

Download the eBook now at https://www.softwareadvice.com/erp/avoid-implementation-failure/

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