Rethink eCommerce with a Web Store Integrated to your ERP – Part Three: Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Want to grow your business but are unsure of what steps to take? Manually managing orders, inventory levels, customer accounts, pricing, tax and shipping can slow down your business and result in unintentional human errors. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps companies manage their financials, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, reporting and human resources all in one system. Here’s how Microsoft Dynamics AX can streamline the process:

What Microsoft Dynamics AX Works Best For

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very complex and powerful platform. Aimed at large businesses, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a heavy-weight solution that will provide control and strict process conformity across the entire organization. Since it is so complex, companies need to be aware of the resources necessary to implement, including a full-time development and IT team. Distribution, manufacturing, non-profit, retail and professional services are the most common industries that utilize it.

Benefits For Your Business

For midsized and large companies needing to operate across multiple sites and countries, Microsoft Dynamics AX has a flexible foundation that helps standardize processes, provide visibility across your business and simplifies compliance. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers great support for companies who need multi-country, multicurrency, multi-language or multiple web stores since it’s very customizable. It is also recommended for larger companies since it can handle more users than other Microsoft Dynamics platforms.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX To Your Web Store

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX to your web store powered by k-eCommerce streamlines your organization so everyone is working together. When you stop managing two separate databases, you have the time and resources to focus on growing your business and take it to new places. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX to your web store, any updates to your product information, pricing and inventory made in your ERP gets automatically pushed to your web store in real time, so shoppers only purchase merchandise you have in stock and for the right price. Talk with one of our eCommerce experts to learn about the full benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX to your web store.

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