Easily Manage Garnishments in the Human Resources Module of Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The Human Resources module in Microsoft Dynamics GP ensures that companies can manage every aspect of their HR needs from tracking job applicants to managing PTO and sick time. Wage garnishments are also easily streamlined in the payroll module. Mandatory garnishments can include court-ordered payments, child support, marital support, student loans and tax levies.

Garnishments are handled as a separate deduction type, allowing you to specify exactly which earnings should be included, set rules, specify which order to take deductions from a check, avoid manual calculations and track important information such as court dates, court names and document IDs.

Payroll integrates to payables, which allows you to automatically create a payables voucher during the posting process in payroll for:

  • Federal, FICA, state and local taxes
  • Company deductions
  • Employee deductions
  • Company benefits
  • Employee benefits

With the payroll integration installed you also get the option to print posting reports prior to posting, allowing the user to verify GL posting accounts before the information is posted.

Payroll extension features also allow users to automate collections of deduction arrears balances at a later date when the employee has sufficient pay. Overtime rate management is also beneficial to assist with setting up unique overtime calculation methods to meet the needs of the organization and remain compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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