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As the market continues to place pressure on manufacturers to reduce price and improve quality, businesses need to find and eliminate the inefficiencies within their processes if they want to continue as a going concern.

Below is a simple diagram that can point you in the right direction and provide a solution.

The hidden manufacturing costs

These inefficiencies highlight several points:

  • Transparency and accuracy of information in real time: Without it you are guessing.
  • Method of informing/communicating: Remove paperwork where possible and you remove confusion.
  • Scenario planning: Without it you are merely hoping.
  • Firefighting and patrolling: Remove the panic and the need to be always on patrol by better planning and expectation setting.
  • Supply chain management: Buy what you need, understand the challenges and inform.

If you have an ERP system that fails to meet these requirements then you will be stuck in the inefficiency cycle and may fail to survive.

The two simple steps that manufacturing businesses need to take are;

  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing
  • Compliment and optimize with NAVEKSA Solutions

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