Why Choose a Microsoft Dynamics ERP System

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Why choosing a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is the best long-term investment you can make

Sometimes it makes sense to find an out of the way restaurant that only a few people know about. Generally, though, I would like to find that one that everyone is going to. Whether it is because of the quality of the food, price, the music, or atmosphere that you can’t live without. Everyone has their own reasons, but you know it is more popular than any of the others because of a combination of some or all of those factors.

If you are an IT person who has been tasked with finding a new ERP or accounting system for your mid-market organization, you should consider the popular kid on the block, which in this case is Microsoft. Years and years ago you would hear the phrase “nobody ever got fired by recommending Microsoft” but, boy, was it dull sometimes. You just knew there were better solutions in one area or another, but nobody could really put it all together.

The good news is that Microsoft really seems to have found their way these days, especially in the area of integrated systems technology and business systems. Each release of SQL Server, Windows Server, Office 365, CRM, and the Dynamics products keeps raising the bar. The first release of new technology from Microsoft doesn’t automatically have a caution flag attached to it anymore as you wait for the next release to see if it survives the cut. Microsoft knows how to spell the word “Cloud” now, even if they were behind a bit on rolling out some aspects. Now you can choose Microsoft for business application software and be assured that you will receive an industry-leading solution. Unlike other companies like Sage, who has accumulated over 20 accounting systems and milks many of them until they die, Microsoft invests in their strategic solutions. In many cases, this investment is higher than what competitors garner in annual sales. Of all the Dynamics products, Dynamics NAV is the most popular mid-market system in the world for good reason.

You can’t lose. Choose Microsoft, the most popular mid-market ERP solution in the world, in-house or on the Cloud.

By Malcolm Roach, Open Door Technology, Dynamics NAV provider and member of the 2015 President's Club for Microsoft Dynamics

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