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A likely story: you’re thrilled that your business is growing and becoming more lucrative, but you’re bogged down by manual posting processes and quality control is decreasing.

The solution can be as simple as the Alba360 Posting Server for Dynamics GP. Automated posting means reducing human errors more common in manual processes, attending to customers efficiently, managing online sales proactively, and handling transaction files created both in and outside of GP.

4 ways to bolster your business with Alba360 Posting Server:

  1. Use a centralized control panel to access all items that are posted or waiting to be posted. View current and historical posts, create reports, and implement the audit tool to boost accountability. Set up batch failure notifications and schedule posting for optimal system performance. Determine how often Posting Server should check for batches, and retain complete control with the ability to turn Posting Server on or off.
  1. Create batch detection filters that can support multiple companies, using the following filter options:
  • Dynamics GP Series
  • Batch Source
  • Batch ID – Enter partial strings or exact values to match batches you want posted
  • GL Posting Date
  • Number of Transactions in Batch – Accumulate transactions for a batch before posting
  • Batch Frequency
  • User ID
  1. Take advantage of simple third party integration capabilities. Easily integrate add-on products that produce transactions that need to be posted in GP. Alba360 Posting Server comes with support for internet shopping, manufacturing, and other third party services.
  1. Go even further and use SQL scripts to queue. Alba360 Posting Server is made to be flexible for your specific auto posting needs. Developers can create SQL scripts for unique batch posting routines. For complex or unique business processes, this is the ultimate feature.


To find out more about Alba360 Posting Server for GP, watch the 3 minute demo or contact us for an evaluation copy and see how Posting Server could cut your risks and optimize your daily tasks.

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