Three Steps to Get Your Team Excited About New ERP Software

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It’s time for your company to move forward with implementing new ERP software but how do you get your team members on board? Change can be scary, but the age-old moniker, “we’ve always done it this way”, is even more terrifying. A software implementation project can easily fail if influencers on your team don’t embrace the change but want to continue doing things the way they’ve always been done.

  1. Identify the influencers on your team.

Take a look at your team members and identify the thought leaders who are well respected in the organization.  Make sure to identify those leaders in each department that will be utilizing your new software. That may be payroll, human resources, accounting, sales, warehouse, distribution, etc.

There are different kinds of influencers and thought leaders and each is engaged most effectively in different ways. This infographic gives great information. 

  1. Get those influencers involved in the process.

Your team will be more susceptible to change if they are able to share their thoughts before it happens. Find out from your influencer in accounts receivable about their steps to get the job done. Find out from the person who does payroll what their current hang ups are and what ideas they have that would make things run more smoothly.

This is the time to get the thought leaders involved and have them on a software panel that collects input from the rest of the team and brings it to the decision maker.

It’s also a great idea to bring these key members in to view demos and see how the new software will work and how it will make their jobs easier. They will then be able to help you spread that excitement throughout the office.

  1. Budget time and finances for training.

Training each member of your team who will be using your new ERP software system is vital to the success you will have from the system and the support you will have from your team. One-on-one training can be more expensive but will be geared specifically for your system and processes. Classroom training is a great alternative to those on a tighter budget.

Getting your team excited and on-board with your move to Microsoft Dynamics GP will make your transition seamless. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP or contact Stoneridge Software for more information.

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