Three Effective Cost-Saving Strategies When Buying ERP Software

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Recent buyers of ERP software can tell you how easy it is to go over budget. Yet with a little homework, you can learn how to manage your costs and even reap significant savings.

Consider trying these three cost-saving suggestions, adapted from the white paper 30 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software, which was written to strip the mystery from software pricing.

  1. Choose your edition size carefully. Sure, it’s fun to have all the goodies right away, but do you really want to pay for functions you don’t need yet? To save, make sure that everything you need both now and later is available in the package you are looking at, but only buy what you need for the first year. You can buy the rest later when you are ready for it.
  2. Save on maintenance fees. These are typically a percentage of the software price, so that’s another reason you save by buying only what you need for the first year. Paying fees for unused software is dollars down the drain.
  3. Consider concurrent users instead of named users. If, for example, you will have ten software users but only five will use it at the same time, then choosing a concurrent-user option, if available, can bring large cost savings. Only some ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP have a concurrent-user pricing model.

There are other ways to save, such as using promotions, reducing data conversion costs, and avoiding expensive ‘out of scope’ work and functions. See 30 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software for further information about those savings and every aspect of software pricing. You can download it at

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