Streamline Your Sales Orders Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Many of our clients come to us with the same complaint: they tell us that they aren’t satisfied with the level of integration between their various business systems. Their stories are often the same - they have to enter customer and sales data repeatedly in different systems and it ends up just turning into a huge pile of paper to try and keep track of.

All too often business owners sort of miss the point with Microsoft. Microsoft allows companies to integrate sales data from Dynamics CRM over to Dynamics GP, seamlessly. Before this improvement to the workflow, people using Dynamics GP forked over a lot of cash just for a third party integration tool. Today, it is very simple to get a real-time view of your sales and invoice information, and the need to utilize different Excel reports is becoming more and more obsolete.

The ways to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM data are endless, but many of them are only a one-way flow of data. If you use the sales order integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM, you can sleep easily knowing that you are always looking at information in real time, because the data flows 2 ways.

If you want to improve accuracy and efficiency with keeping track of your sales orders, customers, inventory and financials, look no further than integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP.
We understand that you probably have lots of questions, or maybe you’re interested in receiving a quote. No matter the reason, feel free to reach out to us at Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics partner.

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