Why Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Have Third Party Products?

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When I was first introduced to Microsoft Dynamics GP I was blown away by the capabilities provided by one single software system. GP not only helps companies manage financials, but also human resources, payroll, invoicing, inventory, reporting and much more. Microsoft Dynamics GP seems like a solution that would fit every company and fulfill all of their needs. So if that was the case, then why are there third-party products developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)?

While Microsoft Dynamics GP’s functionality is vast, different industries have more intense requirements in specific areas, opening the door for an ISV to fit that need. For example, Key2Act (formerly WennSoft) is an ISV that focuses specifically on field service mobility and job costing. As a Key2Act Executive partner, we work with many in field service industries helping them tie Key2Act into their Microsoft Dynamics GP system, truly giving them the best software solution for their specific industry.

Living in North Dakota, the first comparison that comes to mind is putting snow tires on your car for the winter. Your regular tires will do the job, but when a blizzard comes, you want those specialty tires that are better suited to the winter climate that we live in.

There are numerous ISVs in the marketplace that offer different solutions. Your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner will have knowledge of which solutions would be the best fit for you, or if your company can function at optimum performance with just out-of-the-box functionality.

Reach out to Stoneridge Software for more information about solutions for your specific needs.

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