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Generate Your Own “Leap Second”

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Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? The “leap second” the world experienced on June 30, 2015, gave us all a chance to get a little extra time, at least one second of time. The internet was buzzing with things to accomplish in the extra time.

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The science behind the addition of the leap second is designed to allow the Earth’s slowing rotation to catch up with atomic clocks. The last time a leap second was added was in 2012.

Since these extra seconds come only once every few years, I wouldn’t count on the extra seconds to add up to any additional productivity. Instead, look at how you can better use the time you currently have by implementing better systems and practices.

When Home on the Range, a ranch providing education, therapy, guidance and activities for teens in Western North Dakota, implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP they immediately improved their efficiency and accuracy. Their payroll process went from two days to two hours, saving 14 hours (or 50,400 seconds) and hundreds in labor dollars.

They also were able to utilize Dynamics GP to automatically generate financial reports like income statements, cash flows and balance sheets instead of having to calculate each by hand.

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