Employee Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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ERP implementation relies on employee participation. To get the best ROI on your software adoption, each member of your team has to be using the technology and adapting his or her performance to take advantage of the ERP system's tools. To encourage employee ERP implementation enthusiasm, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 provides several features to improve the employee experience.

Timecard and time tracking
An article for MSDyanmicsWorld.com suggested the primary advantage of Dynamic solutions for employees is self-service. The technology was designed to give workers more control and visibility of their timecard and paycheck.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 uses paperless timecard solutions. The timecard technology allows employees to log their own hours. They can update the system from any device that has been integrated in the company system, including their own phones or tablets. The software provides calculation tools and charts so they can manage their schedules against company requests and their own financial needs.

All employee payment information can be viewed online. Not only can your workers constantly check their weekly hours against their weekly pay, but they can keep an eye on their other benefits. The ERP system features human resource tables that allow an individual to view and update his or her benefit information. This includes open-enrollment programs, self-service benefits or updating W4 data.

The system makes the direct deposit process simpler. Not only do your employees avoid several needless steps of paper checks, but the system makes it very easy for employees to change their direct deposit information whenever they need. If they would like a paper copy, the software allows employees to print their own pay stubs.

HR management
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 factored in previous customer feedback about employee and management relations when designing its new updates.

An integrated office means that when employees submit or update data, it is instantly available for managers or HR personnel. Timecard information can instantly be approved. If there is any discrepancy in hours or payment, the entire system can be backtracked to find the issue. This gives both employees and managers a complete set of data to avoid miscommunication problems.

The goERPcloud blog stated the pending approval cloud navigation lists provides managers a one-click solution to employee data change approvals. Multiple employee records or several documents about a single employee can be viewed in a single window. Any member of the management team has a complete and easy-to-use directory of the employee they are in communication with. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 aims to give managers the same data tools advantages when communicating with employees that it provides for employees when interacting with customers.

Give employees tools for success
The information provided by ERP solutions should assist your employees in their daily tasks. If they are in sales, the system gives them a complete history of data when upselling old customers or provides leads for new business. If they work the warehouse, the technology tools will allow them to track inventory and easily report any shortages or surpluses.

Employees shouldn't feel like their department or section has to fend for itself. ERP software promotes companywide integration. There is no need for an employee to feel like they are left out of the loop. An employee utilizing the proper software tools will have data from every corner of the business and feel more connected to overall company success.

When your company plans to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, speak with your employees about what solutions they are looking for in a software upgrade. A software partner should be able to take employee communications and help you turn them into a successful implementation process. If your employees are aware of what specific issues the software addresses, how needs will be met and how the new tech will make their overall tasks more efficient, you can expect more participation and enthusiasm from ERP adoption.

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