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Bringing Legacy Dynamics GP Customers Up to Date

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42576864_lIf you have a customer that is several versions behind on a Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system and they have concerns about the cost of bringing their system up to date, they have good reason.

The Microsoft Dynamics maintenance plan requires an annual maintenance fee (16%-25% of the cost of the system), and when customers lapse on these annual payments they may have to pay up to three years in back fees before they can add new users, modules and updates.  Yikes, that can hurt.

But it doesn’t hurt as much as missing out on a whole world of exciting new GP 2015 features as well as enhanced cloud capabilities and mobility.  The good news is bringing legacy Dynamics GP customers up to date might not be as difficult or as costly as they fear.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud Services, you can expand your cloud practice and at the same time help your customer move to the latest version of Dynamics in the cloud and eliminate your fees. You can learn more about eliminating lapsed maintenance fees here.

First things first will be migrating from FRx to Management Reporter. Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Management Reporter (MR) replaced FRx as the new financial reporting tool. Check out this video to learn more about the process of migrating from FRX to MR.

The trends of the last few years tell us that Microsoft is only going to get more aggressive with its release schedule of for Dynamics ERP and CRM products.  It won’t be long before there is another major release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, and customers on legacy versions are putting their business at risk with outdated software systems.

RoseASP will work closely with Dynamics Partners to bring Dynamics GP customers up to speed in the cloud, with a partnership that benefits the customers and boosts your recurring revenue stream.

by RoseASP

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